Cash Discount

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Cash discount processing

Credit  card processing has become increasingly expensive for merchants,  especially small businesses who have tighter budgets and may not bring  in as much revenue as their larger competitors. By accepting credit  cards, businesses face the financial burden of interchange fees,  otherwise recognized as swipe fees. On average, swipe fees range from  1-4% and over time, can significantly turn profits into a loss for  smaller businesses.

How does it work?

Cash Discount Processing - is a unique payments approach that is fully integrated into SoftTouch  POS. No processing fees bill at the end of the month. Fees are taken out  daily, so the money you collect in fees never hits your bank. You keep  the full $ amount of items sold + sales tax. We set a flat processing  rate of 3.5%. This covers and includes all monthly fixed fees, statement  fees, batch fees, or any other charges that you would normally be  billed by the processor. SoftTouch POS will print a detailed customer  receipt with a total of goods and services purchased with the flat rate  included, and a lower cash discounted total below that does not include  the flat rate processing fee if the patron pays cash.  So at the end of  the month you have continued to take credit card payments but you pay no  fees! 

cash discount pos

Comprehensive Reporting for cash discount

Our Cash Discount POS solution also prepares comprehensive daily, monthly,  quarterly, and annual reporting. Reporting that takes into account for  taxes and tips in conjunction with non Cash Adj. fees on Credit Card  transactions, giving you a proper legal accounting solution.  Other  basic auto surcharge type solutions create unnecessary and time  consuming manual accounting adjustments backing out the surcharges from tips and taxes.   

How is it received?

Unlike  surcharge programs, cash discount programs are seen in a better light,  and fare better with the end-consumers. There has been a misconception  that a cash discount program would prohibit sales if a customer does not  carry cash. 

Cash Discount Signage

To implement a truly successful cash discount program, a merchant must

overcome the confusion and questions consumers and employees have

surrounding a cash discount program.

At  a minimum, a merchant is required to provide at least one point of

notification prior to sale that there is a service fee applied to all  sales and a discount given if a cash payment is made. Multiple points of  notification are recommended – such as at the door, register of the  store and throughout the establishment if needed.

Additionally, reference to the program must be made on the bottom of the check and/or receipt.


Standard Processing Available

with rates as low as 2.3% including free onsite, phone, text, email, & remote point of sale support.